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Welcome to the portal where data is transformed in useful information for kingdoms in general and governors as individuals. We do have specific rules, gather data and use this to improve our services so make sure you read the Terms and Conditions before continuing to use this website.

This public dashboard shows data of scan we executed for our customers, however they are limited. The dashboard will only include most recent data and do not include historical information. If you are interested in joining us for the services, have a look at our demo environment.

To Do for v1.0.6
Create a deaths ranking dashboard by Fabian on Dashoard - Deaths expected in v1.0.6
Ability for players to subscribe to a kingdom or player profile so they get update notifcations by Fabian on Portal expected in v1.0.6
Hiding the governor ID in the tables caused the responsive version of the table to collapse by 1952 on Portal expected in v1.0.6
Add seeding of a custom range selection among scanned kingdoms by Fabian on Kingdom Seeds expected in v1.0.6
Ready for release v1.0.6


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