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Welcome to Rise of Stats!

Welcome to boxtowy and thank you for using our services! Data is important nowadays and so is data visualisation, therefor we decided to only charge for a scan not for the usage of this portal. From the first scan you will be granted access to this portal for your kingdom and any functionality available within.

Please Note
Before using this service you will need to contact Jeager#9157 on Discord as we value personal contact and the possibility to tailor our services to your needs, share new ideas and ask questions. In this conversation we will talk about what you would like to do with the service and if there is a solution available for you as not everything is shown in the demo. A portal will then be created and you will have the possibility to order scans and see the results yourself!
What do I get?

You will have complete access to any functionality in our application from the first day you join us.

Per Governor insight in:
  • Total kills and kills per tier
  • Total deaths
  • Power
What can we do with this data:
  • Generate charts with data
  • Show differences between scans
  • Usage in the kvk module
  • View complete Toolbox

Refund Fee: 20% of the amount received on PayPal

Emergency Scan 12-24: Within 12 to 24 hours before 50%

Abnormal Scan 4-12: Within 4 to 12 hours 75%

Single Top x scan

A top x scan can be executed on the top 300, 500, 750 and 1.000 where we will gather all data attached to these users.

  • €3,00 for Top 300
  • €5,00 for Top 500
  • €7,50 for Top 750
  • €9,00 for Top 1000
Going into KvK?

During Kingdom vs Kingdom you might need more scans. You can buy packages from 10 or 20 scans in this case. As the package does not last just for the duration of your kvk any leftover scans are not lost and can be used whenever needed.

Custom Cycles

Planning on following data daily? Then a package might not help you out a lot. Contact Jeager#9157 to talk about custom solutions.


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